Welcome to the Indian Constitutional Law Review, a bi-annual law journal focused on the contemporary developments in Indian constitutional and administrative law. The journal covers all issues and contemporary developments related to constitutionalism in India, administrative law, apart from comparative constitutional law, and is focused on qualitative submissions made to the Editorial Board

The Indian Constitutional Law Review (ICLRQ) is published by Harbinger and is peer-reviewed by members of the Peer-Review Board and managed by the Editorial Board. It accepts submissions from students, practicing attorneys, academics, members of the Bar as well as the Bench. 

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Call for Papers

The Editorial Board of the Indian Constitutional Law Review calls for papers for the next edition of the Law Review. We invite submissions from students, academicians, professionals, and other members on contemporary issues of constitutional law, administrative law and comparative constitutionalism.

Next Edition: Edition 14 (August 2024)
Last date for submission: Will be updated shortly

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Subscription to the Indian Constitutional Law Review (ICLRQ) may be available for digital or print copies of the journal. The Latest Edition of the Journal, however, is available for viewing without any cost to the viewer. For previous editions, please see Subscription Pricing below.

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The Indian Constitutional Law Review does not engage in any pay-for-publication or require any author or contributor to pay any publication fees, open-access fee by whatever other name called, for publication of any article. Authors are advised to verify the credentials of any person soliciting such payment. 

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